About EncaDemia

EncaDemia is an online academic content portal that provides automated services to ease the stress of academic works on the part of instructors or lecturers. Also, students are not left out as they can hand in their tasks from any location, evaluate the originality of their work and make relevant changes before deadline. EncaDemia also allows interested users to share or sell educational resources to their audience. In the case of monetized resources, money is paid out to the owner on request if a purcahse is made.

Academic Management

Start a course and carry out all needed activties in EncaDemia. Share and sell education resources to your audience. Give out tasks and analyze responses.

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Plagiarism Detection

EncaDemia detects cases of midnless lifting and duplications of assignments amongs students by comparing it with submitted tasks locally and online.

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Course Vending

Start a course or tutorial series and use advanced tools to make money as students join your class through special adverts or invites.

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