The benefits of electronic learning can not be over-emphasized. The need to reach wide audience and seek patronage for physical and digital products keep increasing everyday. Virtually, all tangible goods can be bought online from an ecommerce store and shipped to your address despite your location or that of the store.
The academic field is not left out in this current trend. School activities can be fully run online, special courses can be advertised and sold to interested subscribers and also, to promote academic integrity, course works and assignments can be checked for plagiarism.
EncaDemia is a trite platform that delivers a fully fledged academic management suite to clients with reach features and facilities to reach organizational goals.
Whatever field of academics you may be, there's a feature in EncaDemia that suits your need.

Academic Management Solutions (AMS)

The Academic Management Solution (AMS) is a feature-rich e-learning platform that offers advanced tools for both instructors and students in a particular establishment or organization. The platform takes away the stress of academic administration as users can start and monitor the progress of their courses, programs and students in a single dashboard. Available tools are according to subscription plans and is renewable every year. Interested individuals or organizations pay a stipulated fee and start unlimited number of courses or departments. The administrator generates access codes for instructors and students to join their programs and he/she starts and ends a session. Invited instructors carry out basic functions as made available to them by the administrator and also as contained in their paid package. See full list of plans and features >>>

Course Vending

Course vending is another great service of EncaDemia that allows individuals or organizations who have special courses or teachings to reach wider audience and make reasonable profit. The vendor is in partnership with EncaDemia and the revenue is shared in the ratio of 80%:20%. The vendor takes 80% while the remaining 20% is for online payment processing fee, platform maintenance and upgrade. The registration is free for all intending vendors, however, if a vendor does not start a course after 30days, his/her details will be deleted and will need to re-register. See full list of plans and features >>>


The PlagChecker is an integral part of EncaDemia and also a standalone service for individuals who just want to make use of the plagiarism detection features of EncaDemia. The PlagChecker scans your submitted work for plagiarism from contents in the web and from a rich collection of over 10 million resources locally. Supported file formats are pdf, doc and docx. The plagiarism score is given in percentage and the highlighted phrases link to web contents where such similiarities exist. Similarities discovered in existing works in our database are equally rated. A combination of the above two ratings constitute the total similarity match. The plagiarised phrases are highlighted in different colours: Green (50% match), Yellow (50-75% match) and Red (Over 75% match). A good total similarity percent should be less than 30 else the document should be modified and re-scanned. However, highlights and reports on references do not constitute the plagiarism score and should be discarded. Get started >>>

Academic Management Solution (AMS)

To start using the EncaDemia Academic Management Solution (AMS) platform is very easy. You choose a package of choice and contact the EncaDemia Team with the total or expected number of students and your payment currency. An invoice of the corresponding amount is generated and mailed to you. Once payment is made and confirmed, you will receive a link to complete your registration and start using EncaDemia AMS immediately. All this takes place in less than 5minutes.


In the course of completing your registration, you should specify the registration code for your instructors. This code allows them to enrol into your school and into the right department. You're to also appoint departmental head instructors who will co-ordinate activties for that department. The departmental head should also appoint course co-ordinators who will manage the activities of that course.


A department or a group is a classification of your students or subscribers into different classes or divisions according to discipline or program of study.
Under the Departments/Groups tab, you can

  • Add unlimited departments/groups
  • Edit departments
  • View existing departments


You must provide a unique name for the department and also the registration code for students in that department. The code ensures that the right students are allowed to register in that particular department.
If the department has sub-divisions or levels, then the registration code of the level will override that of the department.


A session or level is used to categorize your students or subscribers into units based on certain criteria e.g. entry year, membership type, subscription type etc. This sub-divides the departments into smaller groups according to criteria set by you. E.g. Year 1, Gold members, 2007 Students of a department/group.

Under the Levels/Sessions tab,
  • Add Unlimited levels
  • Edit Levels
  • View existing levels


The registration code ensures that the right students for that level are allowed to enrol. This overrides the departmental registration code (if any was given) and must be unique across all groups.


EncaDemia allows school administrators or head instructors or other instructors to add unlimited courses to various departments and levels in their organization.
Under this tab, you can

  • Add courses
  • Edit Courses
  • View courses you added
School Admin or departmental head can view all courses in that department/group


Only an instructor that added a course can delete or edit that course. Same privilege is given to the departmental head instructor or the school administrator.
The group head instructor should assign as many lecturers/instructors as needed to courses. This enables them to share resources and information to students offering those courses.


EncaDemia has a result processing facility for manual input of course results. Results can be analyzed graphically in a pie or bar chart. It can also be printed out.
EncaDemia uses a customized letterhead for your organization to print your results.


After an instructor has uploaded results, it cannot be edited again except by the departmental head instructor or school admin.


The EncaDemia AMS resource management utility enables instructors to distribute course materials or resources to their students.
Materials can be in any of these formats jpg/gif/png/doc/docx/pdf/xls/ppt.
Dispatched materials can be edited or deleted by the instructor involved.


Only lecturers added as facilitators to a course can send and edit materials. But the school admin and departmental head instructor enjoys same privilege.


EncaDemia has a task collection interface for receiving students assignments or course works.
Every assignment must have its own submission point indicated by the submission title.
Setting up a submission point is simple.
Under the Submissions tab > Create a submission
Create a submission point and configure the options appropriately.

  • Choose the expected file type to reduce errors
  • Allow students to upload more than 1 file
  • Allow students to delete and re-submit corrected files (repeated submission)
  • Choose start and end dates of submission
  • You can also show any important message to students as pertains to the assignment.


Available options depend on the EncaDemia package of your administrator. For example, the 'Check similarity of submitted file' option is available for premium packages only.

The View Submissions sub-menu allows you to view submitted works and also their plagiarism score (if applicable).
The manage submissions sub menu allows editing and deleting of the submission point.


Here, you can view and print out students that signed up for a chosen department and level.
You can also suspend a student's access to the portal or delete his entire records and activities from the portal.


Editing or deleting students' records can only be done by the departmental head instructor or the portal administrator.


EncaDemia supports two messaging media.

  1. Notification system: That sends an intra-notice to all students in the portal.
  2. Email System: That sends mails individually or to a group of students in a given class or category.
The message board allows you to view previous messages you sent according to types (custom mails, group mails or notifications).


Mails are sent with the firstname of the instructor and has a address. Multiple email address in the case of custom mails should be separated with commas.


Create Tests

EncaDemia has a rich interface for computer based assessments. This option is available for Advanced and Premium membership. The in-built testing platform supports single-answer multiple choice questions only.

  • An instructor creates a test for the chosen department and level.
  • The test name is specified and also the total duration (in minutes).
  • Select a starting date and time for the test (this works with your timezone which was captured during registration).
  • Choose the total number of questions for the test and the marks per question.
  • Finally, specify if the questions should be shuffled and whether student's score should be displayed at the end of test.

Set/Load Questions

There are two ways to compose your test questions in EncaDemia.

  1. Manual input with a text editor.
  2. Bulk upload from a CSV file. A sample format is given.

Manage Tests & View Performance

  • You can view students' scores and breakdown of their performances. This can be printed.
  • Start and stop a test at any given time.
  • Edit the properties of the test and also edit uploaded questions.


For advanced tests with more complex options and configurations, EncaDemia integrates with Proxams for premium members. With this, all kinds of test are supported.


The configuration panel can be found by clicking the three vertical dots on the far top right hand corner of the dashboard. It is only visible to the portal admin and group head instructors.
Here, the admin can assign group head instructors to different groups or departments.

  • The group/departmental head instructor supervises all activities of the assigned department.
  • He can assign or re-assign course co-ordinators to various courses of the department and levels.
  • Assign and re-assign instructors to different courses.
  • Switch students level from one level to another. This is the case where students in a particular level needs to migrate up or down to another level.
If all the students in the level should be moved to another level, the 'Switch Level' option is used but in the case of individual student(s), the 'Switch Student' option should be used.
The group head instructor can also view co-instructors in the same department but staff management can only be done by the administrator.
  • The course co-ordinators can upload results for the assigned course.
  • They can also manage material distribution by other instructors in the same course.
The administrator can start or pause activities on the portal at any given time.


EncaDemia AMS provides distributed labour in online academic management activities. The administrator just needs to ensure that instructors sign up with the School registration code, he then assigns positions to them. Most importantly, appoint group head instructors who will now do the basic set-up for their respective groups/departments. This team collaboration ensures that you start up your program as fast as possible.
Lastly, students must register with codes applicable to their department or level. If the department has levels/sessions, the level's code should be shared to your students, else the departmental code should be shared.

Course Vending

The EncaDemia COurse Vending Program is for individuals who have special courses they want to sell to the public. Its totally free to become an EncaDemia vendor and the sign-up process is pretty fast. The platform offers specialized tools to create your online training program and have people subscribe to it for a fee you charge. The sharing ratio is 80:20.The vendor takes 80% of every subscription while the 20% is for online payment processing charges and for platform maintenance.


All payments for a course is saved to the vendor's wallet. A short link is created for any course or series added and the vendor can use this link to promote and advertise his course in other platforms.


A series refers to the course or tutorial you wish to vend in EncaDemia. Under the Add Series sub-tab,

You specify the name of the series or your course title, the short description that will briefly describe your series (in 2 lines) and a more elaborate description that further explains the details and other information of the series.

State the subscription fee and also if the series is in packages.

A vendor can start unlimited number of series and further divides the series into classes or units called packages. A package can be determined by the subscription or membership type, or by any other criteria set by the vendor.

Modififcations can be made to the series or they can be deleted if the vendor doesn't want to continue the program.


A vendor who fails to start a series after 30 days will be deleted and his details wiped out. The person can re-register when he's courses are ready.


The EncaDemia blackboard is an interactive board for vendors to chat, inform and interact with their subscribers.
It has a rich chat interface that allows you to send messages, files and view subscribers to that very series and packages.
Where a series has packages, each package constitutes a chatroom and navigation between the packages is with a click. This helps vendors to attend to different packages simultaneously.
Previous chats can be searched when needed.


The Blackboard can serve as a tool to leave important messages so that future subscribers can scroll and read up what has been discussed about the series prior to their subscription.


The EncaDemia resource browser is for easy distribution of course materials/books to subscribers.
The left hand pane shows the name of the series and where packages exist, the names of the packages are equally displayed.
The files associated to each package is shown on the right hand side.
Add a new resource by clicking on the 'Upload' button, give it a name and browse your computer to select the file.


The resource browser does not allow media files. Only images, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt,pptx and pdf files are allowed.


The Media section of EncaDemia is used for the broadcasting of media content of any format. It accepts the external links to the media file and plays the content in an inbuilt player. The content are arranged as a playlist on the right hand pane and clicking an item launches the player. The player can be maximized to fullscreen display. Items are added by clicking the circled plus icon beneath the players. It can also be edited.


EncaDemia does not allow uploading of video or audio content to the portal. We suggest the use of 3rd party storage services (dropbox, mediafire, Amazon S3, youtube, vimeo, google cloud etc) to upload your content and then supply the link to the file in the URL box. This saves tremendous time to vendors who already have their contents in these platforms.

Questions & Answers Board

The EncaDemia Questions and Answers board is meant to display frequently asked questions and answers of your series to your subscribers. This board should contain expected questions from new subscribers and their answers. It can also give a primary introduction to your series by defining relevant terminologies or features available in different packages. Just any information you think your new subscribers would need to get along. Questions and their answers are supplied by clicking on the 'Add' button.


This should not be confused with the blackboard. Blackboard can contains inputs or questions from students in the course of the program or even tips you passed on while delivering a course. The Q & A section contains preliminary questions or introductory tips to new subscribers.


Tasks are assignments or evaluation exercises given out to your subscribers. The tasks are to be handed-in with a stipulated period of time. To issue a task;
Click on the 'Add Task' button and give the title of the task, the start and end dates of the task.
Submitted tasks can be viewed under the Submission tab of the task window.


Submitted tasks can be downloaded collectively as a zip file or individually. Extension of submission end date can be done by editing the task.


The Review board presents all comments, testimonies and reviews from your subscribers. It also shows their rating of your course on a scale of 5. This rating and review is available to the public on the course gallery and goes a long way to form prospective clients' choices.


The comment or review from a client cannot be edited by the vendor. Derogatory or abusive comments will be deleted if the vendor reports to the EncaDemia Team. Otherwise, the review stays and the vendor can effect the suggested changes, then asks the subscriber to edit his review.


The subscribers page shows the number of subscribers that have enrolled for your series, their email addresses, phone numbers, date joined and pictures (if supplied).


This only gives a comprehensive list of all students that enrolled for the series irrespective of their packages. That option is available in the sales page.


The sales page presents a periodic sales summary of your products and other vital purchase information (item, package, price and date of purchase).
The Sales page can be located by clicking the 'caret' beside the user image on the left hand side pane.


The header columns of the sales table can be sorted by clicking on any of them. Also, table search is done by typing the search terms on the 'search field' on the right hand side.

Pay Out

EncaDemia features a rich payout interface that allows vendors to pay out their earnings in any currency of choice. With EncaDemia, you can earn in dollars or Nigerian Naira (for the African market) and can pay out your earnings accordingly. The Currency Exchange Box located in the 'Exchange' button besides the 'Withdrawal Request panel' allows you to convert your earnings from one currency to the other and then pay out earnings in your choice currency. The conversion rate is determined by the day's conversion rate as supplied by G-Exchange and is always current.


Pay out to local bank accounts are processed in less than 24hrs while those in dollars are done in less than 12 hrs.


The EncaDemia PlagChecker is a plagiarism detection system that scans submitted documents for plagiarised content online and offline. It is meant to serve individual plagiarism needs and also that of institutions that would want to promote academic integrity.
The individual options submits a file and is queued. The scanner analyzes the file and emails the author of completion.
The institution plagiarism option allows the grouping and formatting of scanned works under the institution's name and department. The report is prepared with the institution letterhead and the instructors can evaluate the line by line reporting by the scanner.
After a work has been successfully scanned, a unique reference code is generated for the analysis and the user can either key in the code to view the report or log in to the dashboard. Get started >>>


Two plagiarism submission options are available namely: Individual and Institution. Whatever option is used, the title of the document should be provided.
For institution submissions, you need to choose the name of the institution or add it (if not added already), choose your department or add it (if not added already), type in your full name, level and ID/reg number. These details are needed to prepare a special report for you which can be attached to your work during physical submission.


Anybody with plagiarism credits can submit another persons work for scanning. Each run takes 1 credit.
Lecturers or tutors can confirm the authenticity of the report by keying in the unique Scan ID or scanning the barcode in the report. This presents a detailed analysis of the scan reports and degrees of matches found.


The history window displays the works that have been submitted for plagiarism scan either on personal or individual basis.
It shows the submission date, status of the work and if completed, a link to view the analysis.


Note that individuals can delete their works at any time from the PlagChecker but students of institutions cannot delete their works one week after submission and scanning. It's expected that you've done all modifications before this timeframe and your instructor has accepted your work. Hence, nobody can delete it to plagiarize your work.
The scanning process is very tedious and time-consuming and millions of documents are scanned but it should not last more than 12hrs depending on your position in the queue. An email will be sent to you when scan is completed.


The EncaDemia Team seeks partnership with academic institutions who would like to leverage on the possibilities available in EncaDemia and promote academic excellence.
In lieu of the above, an alternative login platform is provided for students of academic institutions who once submitted a task in the PlagChecker to sign in using their School IDs and their password.
Instructors or lecturers can confirm plagiarism reports by visiting the Plagiarism Report Tools.


It is our earnest desire that instructors make necessary modifications to students' works in less than 7 days so the work can be locked.


EncaDemia is a global platform and hence, has been designed to accept payment from any part of the business to make sure that our partners don't lose a single client.
Our 3rd party payment processors are world-class and has been confirmed to be secured and compliant with all the safety standards available in the industry. Our own end is protected also, to guarantee successfull transaction and delivery of value at the slightest possible time.
For our course vendors, we provide a platform for currency exchange and guarantee a timely payout of earnings upon request.
The currency exchange interface ensures that you penetrate the Africa market and make sales, then cash out in dollars at the prevailing exchange rate.


There's no online checkout for the EncaDemia AMS. This is due to many factors. At the moment, we urge interested partners to send us a mail containing their plan of choice (basic, advanced, premium), total or expected number of students and payment currency (USD or NGN). Our Team will generate a payment invoice and mail to you in the next minute.


EncaDemia uses two world-class payment processors to accept payment. Paypal and Flutterwave. These two parties are renowned and can ensure that payments are received from any part of the world.
Paypal accepts payments in USD while Flutterwave accpets payments in NGN. The Flutterwave interface enables users especially those in African countries to pay the NGN equivalent of their orders from their currencies. Same also applies to Paypal which has a wide reach also.


Flutterwave has several payment options for the African market ranging from USSD, cards, transfers, mobile etc. It can also accept international payments but we advise its use within the African market for an exciting payment experience.

Plans and Upgrade

EncaDemia provides a seamless upgrade process for clients who wish to switch packages or to enlarge their class strength.
Once you've registered in EncaDemia, you can migrate or activate all other services right from your present dashboard.
On the bottom left hand side of the screen, click on 'Plans & Upgrade'
From the dropdown menu that appears, choose the service of choice.
Available services are:

  • Academic Management Solution (AMS) Plans
  • Course Vending Activation
  • PlagChecker services
  • Course Gallery/Browser
  • Join a program or school
Once payment is made or necessary requirements are met, you'll be signed on to the new service and can using the features therein.


EncaDemia allows users with multiple services to switch to and fro one service to another. On the left hand pane, the 'ADD-ONS' header contains list of services you've signed up to, and clicking on the appropriate service takes you to the right dashboard.


Below are some frequently asked questions and their answers to help you get the best out of EncaDemia.

AMS (FAQ Section)

Are the plans renewable?

Yes! Your AMS plan is subject to renewal every year. Failure to do that would de-activate your platform and deny access to your instructors and students. You will receive series of reminder mails from us before the due date. Once renewed, your services pops back.

How do I increase my quota?

When you reach the limit of your quota, all you need to do is to send us a mail requesting an increase and stating the additional numbers to be added to your current quota. We'll prepare and invoice for you, and once payment is made, the new limit will be placed on your plan.

If I increased my quota recently, will the new limit expire at the same time with the old ones?

Generally Yes! But in some cases, we can give a grace depending on the total number of limits recently added. It's advisable to project a reasonable number of quotas on sign up so as to have enough room to accomodate your clients.

What is the Reference Manager all about?

The Reference Manager is a course management kit that allows students in different departments and levels to register and enrol for courses in another department or level. It is specifically used for students who failed some courses in their level and needs to make up or retake the courses for the present academic calendar.
Such students must register the courses again using the Reference Manager in other for them to access the resources of the course and also view their results.

How do I get my students to register?

You should share your departmental or level registration code to your potential students who will now be allowed to register only into the appropriate departments.
Where a department/group has levels or sessions, the level code overrides the departmental code and should be shared to the students.

How do I edit my profile and organizational data?

The caret icon beside the user image on the top left hand side contains options for customizing your data and that of your organization in EncaDemia.

Course Vendors (FAQ Section)

How do I become a vendor?

It is completely free to become an EncaDemia course vendor. All you need to do is to visit the registration page and click on 'Register as a vendor' and hit the 'continue' button. Get started>>>. Notet that vendors who have not started any course in the next 30 days will be deleted and would need to re-register.

Can I add students to my courses?

No! This is a highly accountable program and we want to make sure you get your earnings completely. No vendor is allowed to add a student to his series.

Are there limits to my number of students?

No! You can invite unlimited number of students to join your series.

How do I advertise my series?

Every series has a short link that can be copied and pasted on any social media platform. Vendors are advised to use this link to promote their courses and invite students.

How do I receive my earnings?

Every purchase of your course is credited to your EncaDemia wallet and is payable on request to your local bank account or Paypal account. Payout is processed according to the queue and usually takes 12hrs (at most) to reflect on your account.

PlagChecker (FAQ Section)

How do I get started?

From the products page, click on the 'PlagChecker' tab. Various options will be displayed. To log in to the Plagboard, you need to choose and pay for a plan and the corresponding unit added to your account. Get started here>>>

Does EncaDemia store files submitted for scanning?

By default, files are stored before and after scanning. For scan requests submitted as an individual, the author can delete his work at any time. For institutional plagiarism rating, the file cannot be deleted after 7 days. This is to maintain the integrity and performance of the system. Such works are used to monitor and flag other works that may plagiarise it.
However, if the work must be deleted, the original owner or student, should send a mail to [email protected] containing his/her school ID card and reason for such deletion.
Our partner institutions expect the best from us in helping them maintain academic integrity, therefore, EncaDemia keeps an eye on students' works and signals of any potential duplication.

How can an institution partner with EncaDemia PlagChecker?

There's no specific protocol to become our partner. You can send us a mail to enlist you manually or add it from the dashboard under 'New Submission'.

Can someone else submit my work for scanning?

Yes, anybody with a plag credit can submit any work for scanning.

How long does scanning last?

When a work is submitted, it checks if the scanner is free or not. If free, scanning commences immediately, otherwise, it is queued. No matter the job queue, the maximum wait time is 24hrs and you will be notified via email.

How do I top-up my plag credit?

From the 'Plans & Upgrade' button on the bottom left hand side, choose 'PlagChecker Plans' and the the plan of choice. After payment, the new unit is credited or topped up to your account.

How do you secure submissions?

Every work submitted by our partners (individuals or organizations) is protected and only viewable to the owner or the institution that has it. If found as a plagiarism source (i.e. someone plagiarized it), only a basic ownership information is shown to prove the credibility of our scan.