Products & Services

The Academic Management Solution (AMS) is a feature-rich e-learning platform that offers advanced tools for both instructors and students in a particular establishment or organization. The platform takes away the stress of academic administration as users can start and monitor the progress of their courses, programs and students in a single dashboard. Available tools are according to subscription plans and is renewable every year. Interested individuals or organizations pay a stipulated fee and start unlimited number of courses or departments. The administrator generates access codes for instructors and students to join their programs and he/she starts and ends a session. Invited instructors carry out basic functions as made available to them by the administrator and also as contained in their paid package.

The PlagChecker is an integral part of EncaDemia and also a standalone service for individuals or organizations who want to make use of the plagiarism detection features of EncaDemia. The PlagChecker scans your submitted work for plagiarism from contents in the web and from a rich collection of millions of resources locally. Specified page ranges are scanned. It has a customized reporting template for affiliate organizations so their students can print out and submit plagiarism scores. Scan IDs are used to confirm and analyze plagiarism reports.

Course vendorship is another great service of EncaDemia that allows individuals or organizations who have special courses or teachings to reach wider audience and make reasonable profit. The vendor is in partnership with EncaDemia and the revenue is shared in the ratio of 80%:20%. The vendor takes 80% while the remaining 20% is for online payment processing fee, platform maintenance and upgrade. The registration is free for all intending vendors, however, if a vendor does not start a course after 30days, his/her details will be deleted and will need to re-register.